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USB Game Installing and Formatting


Currently only the FAT32 file system  format is used for USB gaming and you will need special format software that can overcome the FAT32 limitations in a Windows formatting. The recommened method is to first format the drive with Windows to the NTFS file system , to ensure you have full use of the drive space. Then use the USB Extreme ul_format.exe (command-line) to format to FAT32 before installing any games.

Format process:

NTFS Format
This is recommended for used drives that have multiple partitions or limited use of the drive.
Connect the USB device to the PC
Goto My Computer and right-click it, select  Properties > Manage . This will bring up the  Computer Management window
Select  Disk Managment under the Storage title in the left panel window.
 In the right-side window a list of all your connected device are displayed. Choose the one that is your USB device and right-click it. Select Format and in the window that appears, choose NTFS from the drop-down box, then OK to start the formatting process. Depending on the size of the HDD, it may take a while for it to complete.
Note: If your drive is already using its maximum space and has a single partition, then you can skip this step and go on to formatting to FAT32.

FAT32 Format
  • Download the the USB Extreme software and extract the 2 files to your C:\ drive, as we are going to be using the Command Prompt and it will cut down on the typing a bit. You can place them anywhere you want, but the commands will be different for your file paths if you do.
  • Click on the Start bar  and select  Run
  • Type CMD or command and then OK. The Command window should appear, so type in cd C:\ and then press the enter key.
  • You should now be in the C:/ directory, so type in ul_format  FORMAT  (example:  ul_format H FORMAT )  and press the enter key to begin the format process. (you can just type ul_format.exe to bring up the help menu)

Again, depending on the size of the drive it may take a while to complete the process. Once complete, you are ready to begin installing your games, the ul_install.exe is for installing your games, but you can choose a different application for installing or use the ISO format.

*NEW*  Version 0.8  supports using  the .iso format  , but there is a 4GB limitation for USB gaming. So for ISOs over  4GB, you will need to use one of the  Installation programs below.

ISO format
You are still  required to have the device formatted as described above and defragmented as described below.

You will need to rename the ISO in this form: (You can use iso2opl.exe to auto-rename for you, see below)

game-code.name.iso      SCUS_973.28.GT4.iso

  • The game-code can be found by viewing the disc contents and will appear as a filename,  from the disc label or on the side of the case. Its is very important that the game-code has an underscore and .iso in lowercase in the filename, as shown in the example below.
    • Wrong = SCUS-973.28.GT4.ISO
    • Correct = SCUS_973.28.GT4.iso
  • The name will be what appears in the game list. The name must NOT exeed 32 characters (including spaces) or it will not display.
You will need to create 2 folders,  CD and  DVD, both MUST be uppercase.  Place these on the root of the USB device. Now place the  DVD ISO's into the DVD folder and the CD ISOs into the CD folder.
OPL will display them in the USB Games list along with any games you may have installed for earlier versions of OPL.

Useful programs
opl2iso.exe - Windows - Linux
You can convert games that were installed for USB  format  (.001, .002, .003,  ul.cfg ), back to ISO format.
  • Place the opl2iso.exe into the game folder where your USB games are installed 
  • Run the command prompt and type the path to the directory, then the command [opl2iso.exe] and press the enter key.

Example:     D:\>opl2iso.exe

iso2opl.exe - Windows - Linux
You can rename all  ISO files  in your directory with one command. The filename you used for the ISO will be the name used for the renaming process. Names can NOT be more than 32 characters (including spaces) or it will not display in OPL.
Example:  Despicable Me The Game.iso  is renamed to:    SLUS_219.33.Despicable Me The Game.iso

  • Place the iso2opl.exe in the directory (CD or DVD) your ISO files are located.
  • Run the command prompt and type the path to your directory, then the command [iso2opl SCAN] and press the enter key.

Example:   D:\DVD\>iso2opl  SCAN

You ISO files should now all be in the proper format for OPL.


There are several applications available that are capable of installing PS2 games to the USB Extreme file format. Open PS2 Loader comes with such an application,  iso2opl.exe, but you can use any of the applications you wish to. The install process is the same for both USB and Network gaming.

iso2opl.exe  - See dowload above

This is another command line application and might be best placed on the C:\ drive  too.
  • Click on the Start Bar and select run
  • Type CMD or command and then OK. The Command window should appear, so type in cd C:\ and then press the enter key.
  • You should now be in the C:/ directory, so type in iso2opl  
  • Press the enter key to start the installation
Example: iso2opl D:\PS2ISO\aeon_flux.iso T:\PS2SMB Aeon_Flux DVD
Explaination: (Program's name) ( the path where your ISO file is located ) (the folder or drive you want to install the game to) ( the name you want displayed in the game list ) (if its a CD or DVD)

USBUtil 2.0
One of the most up to date applications for USB Extreme game installations. It has an easy to use GUI and features that allow list sorting, renaming, delete unwanted games and much more. Im not going to write out a guide, since one is already available with a download to the application.  USBUtil by ISEKO

This is the original installer and was included  with the USB Extreme tools for the original USB Extreme program. You can download it from above in the USB format section if you didnt already.
 It is another command line installer, best placed on the C:\ drive , but only installs from the PC's CD\DVD drive.
  • Place your PS2 Game disc in the PC's CD\DVD drive
  • Click on the Start Bar and select run
  • Type CMD or command and then OK. The Command window should appear, so type in cd C:\ and then press the enter key.
  • You should now be in the C:/ directory, so type  ul_install SourceDrive TargetDrive GameName CD/DVD  (Example:  ul_install D E MetalGearSolid DVD )
  • Press the enter key to start the installation

USBeXtreme Windows GUI - Download
This is the GUI  version made by  USB Extreme, no documentation available, but its simple to use. It only allows for installing from CD\DVD drive.

USB Insane - Download
Its the same program as the above, but was patched to allow installing ISO files from the PC's HDD storage. No documentation, but its simple to use.


USB Games must have the game files in an unfragmented state to run properly.  Copying, deleting, moving files causes  fragmentation to the file structure of the device and Install programs will install game files into any available space. It is very important your game files are defragmented or they may not work properly and some cases have froze on a colored screen.
Download  PowerDefragmenter
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